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AVIDA, Affordable Living at its Best!

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Avida Land Corp is a subsidiary of Ayala Land, Inc., one of the biggest real estate developers in the Philippines. Avida primarily offers the hardworking middle class secure, carefully planned and accessible communities at very competitive prices. Avida is short for “Ave” and “vida” which means “celebrate” and “life” and aims home owners to truly celebrate life.

Avida focuses on uplifting the lives of the hardworking middle class through providing them with affordable homes that are within a peaceful and secure community, very accessible to public transport and various necessities, designed beautifully and pragmatically, homes that one can be truly proud of.

The brand promise of Avida Land is to build homes that are accessible, homes that have unique features and amenities, homes that meet high quality assurance, homes that provide a relaxing living experience, and to give owners a stress-free buying experience.


Avida highly considers the location of its developments, since it is one of the most important factors in purchasing a new home. The developments are accessible through public transport, which makes everything within your reach, schools, hospitals, churches, commercial centers and offices.

Unique Features and Amenities

The developments are beautifully designed and very stylish. Homes are spacious, energy efficient, and naturally illuminated. The communities are packed with various activity areas and best-in-class amenities.

Quality Assurance

The long-term value of your investment is valued by Avida, so all aspects in planning and construction are undertaken through stringent quality controls.

Stress-free Buying Experience

Avida offers a wide array of financing schemes which help you ease the burden on purchasing a new home. Site visits are very informative and relaxing.

Relaxing Living Experience

Living inside an Avida community is a very relaxing experience. Amenities offered by the developments makes sure that you get most out of your investment and most of your time that are fun and exciting.


Transforming land, names, and lives

Since its legendary development of a vast tract of swamp land that is now the bustling city of Makati, the name Ayala had become indelibly etched in the minds of people as a visionary developer of land, pioneering the future to improve the quality of life.

Brand Evolution

Yet it was only in 1988 when Ayala Corporation spun off its real estate division into a separate company, giving birth to Ayala Land, Inc.

Ayala Land, Inc. was primarily associated with very high-end projects, whether central business districts, commercial centers or exclusive family residences. Makati was such a development, as was Alabang.

Since then, however, both the parent company, now simply known as Ayala, and Ayala Land, Inc. have expanded the reach of their businesses to serve a much broader segment of the population: From the very rich, to the young and fast rising achievers, to the hardworking middle class who form the backbone of the nation. One such subsidiary was Laguna Properties Holdings Inc. (LPHI).

LPHI was originally established in 1991 to provide the housing needs of employees and junior executives in the Ayala Land-developed industrial estate, The Laguna Technopark. But the former LPHI had outgrown its original name. Today, it already has 27 projects in 13 locations.

In 2006, the name Laguna Properties Holdings, Inc. was changed to Avida Land Corp. Shorts for "Ave" or "celebrate" and "vida" which means "life", this new name is more in tune with Ayala Land's commitment to transform the lives of the hardworking middle class.

By offering thoughtfully planned, secure, and easily accessible communities at affordable prices, Avida indeed provides homeowners occasions to celebrate life.

When Laguna Properties Holdings, Inc. was established in 1991, its logo mark, which was made up of the letters L and H, wittingly formed the letter A - a strong association to the parent company, Ayala Land.

Backed by the strength of Ayala Land, LPHI developed one community after another in Laguna. On its seventh year, the company expanded to other locations in Batangas, Quezon and Bicol.

In 1998, LPHI expanded beyond the Philippines shores and opened a satellite office in Dubai to service overseas-based Filipinos better. 

In 2006, after undergoing a thorough brand study and market research, LPHI changed its name to Avida Land Corp. The new brand name and logo reflect the position of the company - as a leading provider of affordable homes to Filipino families in ideal communities that secure their future.

Being a company that offers thoughtfully planned, secure and affordable homes, the visual identity of Avida also combines beauty, stability and practicality.

Instead of a mere hint of a letter "A", the Avida logo mark carries the identifying phrase "an AyalaLand company", to acknowledge and mirror the parent company's image as a pioneer and visionary in land development.


We are the recognized leader and the most preferred provider of quality shelters and communities for the average Filipino family.

Avida has the primary goal of creating "dream" shelters that enhance the quality of family life. We pioneer housing technology that ensures superior and consistent quality thereby achieving excellent value for money. 

We develop and maintain residential communities that set the standard in the industry, promote the growth of property values and enhance the well-being of its residents and environment. As a company, we will be guided by the following core values:


Our primary value is Customer Service which relates to both our external and internal customers (team members). 

To our Customers, we commit to provide the highest value for your investment by delivering quality and innovative homes and communities that continue to appreciate over time. We will endeavor to build customers for life by providing the highest standards of service and constantly improving quality.

To our Team Members, we recognize that you are the primary asset of the company. As such, we will promote professional growth and fulfillment by recognizing and rewarding good performance, providing conducive work conditions, encouraging open communication and ensuring fair and just compensation. The highest level of teamwork, dedication and professionalism will be expected to generate synergy towards the achievement of our common goals.

To our Business Partners (Brokers/Agents, Suppliers, Contractors and JV Partners), we offer a mutually beneficial and long-term relationship by dealing with you fairly and with integrity. 

Together, we work to deliver the best value products and services to our customers.

To our Owners and Stockholders, we exercise prudence and observe professionalism with integrity and seek proper means of continuously optimizing returns on investments.

To the Communities, we contribute to nation-building by uplifting the living conditions in every area we develop. We enhance the socio-economic environment, support environment preservation programs and develop and maintain environment-friendly communities.

Contact: 0927-3725944 / 0919-8203583